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    Jeff Snoddy

    I was just thinking about ways to play gaslands with larger numbers of players, for example as a convention game. I remember playing battletech at a convention in a game they called a “grinder”. The way it worked it that every player got one weaker mech (robot) to start the game and if they got destroyed, they re-entered the game with a mech that was a little better. Towards the end of the game, the really big, nasty mechs started appearing. It really encouraged getting in there and blasting away!

    I was thinking a gaslands grinder might be a blast.

    -players are split into about 4 teams (sponsors)
    -each player starts with a bike/trike/buggy (have them pre-built with about 10 cans)
    -if a player’s vehicle is destroyed they respawn with a better vehicle each time (20 cans, then 30 cans, etc… and eventually somebody will get to throw down a war-rig!)
    -if you want to keep team scores: award 1 point for each vehicle destroyed, 1 point for each gate passed through (that way, its still a race, but its a perfectly legitimate tactic to just pound each other too!)
    -to score a point by going through a gate, you can go through them in any order you choose, so long as it is not the same gate that you went through previously
    -players may come and go as they please, just add any new players to either the team with fewer players or the team that has the lowest score


    Pete Wilkins

    Nice idea. I was just about to ask about other scenarios. Did you actually run it? How did it go?


    Jeff Snoddy

    No, I haven’t run a game like that yet. So far I’ve only played a few 3-player games, mostly just battles and only one race. I do plan on running a game like this soon though – I would also be curious how it goes if anybody has done one like this.

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