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    Tim Parnell

    When a car wipes out and flips – is it out of action after does it flip over onto its roof.?

    Gaslands Overlord

    No, flipping just causes damage to the vehicle and moves it, it doesn’t wreck it (unless the 2 damage remove the vehicle’s final hull points).


    Tim Parnell

    Excellent. Thanks for the clarification. I thought it doesn’t say it’s wrecked but was confused between flip / not flip.



    I was looking for clarification on this rule also.

    Can’t a flipped car end up on it’s roof? Seems overly lucky that cars land back on their wheels every time … a flip would seem a pretty drastic outcome.

    1-2: Roof
    3-5: Wheels
    6: left or right side

    Just a suggestion


    Mark Ellis

    Seems overly harsh IMO. I think your being too literal and ‘flip’ in my view is just damage done due to lack of control. Buggies are built for handling such and thus can avoid the damage.

    Otherwise, the loss of handling is too impactful for the enjoyment in the game.



    Yeah, I like to think of the action as cinematic – so if a car flips then wrecks, sure it ends up on its roof (as per the rules on wrecking), otherwise, its just an ‘oh crap’ moment for the driver.

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