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    Ok, so I’ve not had too much trouble finding dudes to stand on Turrets and dudes who can lean out of windows with guns, but dang it for the life of me, I can’t find a single pack of 1:72 scale drivers.
    I’ve scrolled EVERY page of 1:72 scale minis on Both Drum&Flag and Hannants model shops but turned up nothing.
    Plenty of seated WW2 pilots.
    Plenty of seated tank drivers.

    I know do a bunch of “driver” models, but again, no arms out (plus they’re pretty chunky sculpts that don’t fit most Hotwheels without a LOT of hacking about).

    I can’t find a single pack of dudes, seated, with their arms out like they’re holding a steering wheel. So far I’ve resorted to modelling greenstuff arms/legs onto existing torsos, but this is REALLY fiddly work.

    If anyone has a source, I’d love to know.


    Dan T

    I have avoided all figures for that very reason (I had not thought of looking at 1/72 WW2 etc stuff.

    So basically thanks for the tip and no sorry I can’t help.


    Dan T


    Nice work Dan! Don’t know how I missed those!

    looks like they have some decent seated poses, the helmets look kinda like racer helmets and the arms are poseable.

    I might pick some up!

    FYI, PlasticSoldierReview has pics of like, EVERY 1:72 box ever, so if a site doesn’t have a preview , you can ususally find it on there:


    Jason Schmidt

    Tons of crew, weapons, armor plates etc. can be found at Stan Johansen Miniatures.

    Everything is scaled to Hot Wheels/Matchbox and basically looks tailor-made for this game.

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