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    Ken Natt

    Hi Gents (and Ladies)

    Is there any chance of getting the dice label images in a single dice format – I’m currently struggling as the pdf is formatted for 6×3 label format and I dont have any of those (I’m a trad L7162 kinda guy) and it would be a bit expensive and wasteful to buy a box of label sheets when I am likely to only use one anyway. If the six faces could be provided on a format that can be scaled so they could be inserted onto other sized labels this would be most welcolm



    Dan Frohlich

    Agreed. SVGs?


    Chris Hobbs

    Can I add a +1 to asking for SVGs of the dice? I just got a bunch of plain white dice but am underwhelmed at how the labels look on them. I’ve got a silhouette cameo cutter and would love to try using vinyl instead. I could trace the existing graphics, but if they happen to be created in an SVG format in the first place I’d much rather use those, if you’re willing to share.

    Thanks for considering!

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