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    Derek H

    I’ve only got two cars completed so far, one inspired by the classic Mad Max Interceptor.


    And a pick up truck with a similar paint scheme and swapable weapons held on with magnets.


    Car 2

    More to come.

    I’ve been experimenting with magnets and swappable weapons and rams. I’ve found that the 4mm x 2mm magnets I’ve got to hand are a bit big for what I want to do. So I’m now waiting for delivery of some 3mm x 1mm ones.



    Hi Derek,
    Looks really great so far. Good idea to magnetise the weapons. I’ll have to try that too. Did you disassemble the cars to get the mesh inside?
    Well done. Can’t wait to see more…


    Derek H

    Two more cars finished. These ones have magnetised weapons and/or rams and can be configured differently.

    Image 1

    Image 2


    Derek H

    Took cars apart to put the mesh inside. In some of my latest cars I’ve just put it on the outside.


    Derek H

    A Matchbox MB958 Roar By Four with a magnetic roof and mesh added. I still need to make some more swappable weapons to fit the roof mount.

    Roar by Four 1

    Roar by Four 2

    Roar by Four 3


    Derek H

    Matchbox MB941 Jungle Crawler (which can be found in several variants) with added guns and wire mesh to replace the windows. It’s got magnets in place on the roof and underneath the front and rear ends. I’ll be working on weapons and a ram to fit. Though you can never go far wrong with a Mini-gun and a turret with a flamer could be good. (the turret comes from a Plastic Soldier Company 15mm T34, you get two for every tank).







    Derek H

    I’ve put a bar on the front of the Jungle Crawler and painted up a Mercedes estate car.

    More Cars



    Nice stuff dude, really like the idea of magnetic bits!

    Last 2 cars are looking nice, I like the black/brown combination.

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