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    James Hall

    Seems like a no brainer. I tried adding some plain images to the default dash boards 🙂 Just google searched “post apoc car sketch” and added them in gimp.


    each image should be around A6 size, but I think they’ll scale and print a-okay. Just for fun, no profit or anything being made here.


    I’ve done cards for; Bike / Buggy / Car / Performance Car / Pick Up / Monster Truck / Bus and War Rig, so 8 all told. Just as a proof of concept.


    Will have to print some off and see how they go 😀


    Stuart Kelly

    These look nice. I had thought about taking a photo of the painted car and sticking that on the card.


    James Hall

    Thanks Stuart 🙂

    Yeah I’ll have to do that once I’ve got my lot sorted once and for all. As a nice send off to the whole horde. Keeps it all neat and tidy and universal then 😉



    Jason Morningstar did a nice Apocalypse World One-Shot set up called the ‘Furiosa Variant’.

    Its great for roleplaying, but the ‘dashboard’ pics on p.6 are fantastic. I think they’d be awesome for Gaslands. The Tachometer ‘health clock’ from Apoc World has six segments – which would be perfect for tracking what gear you are in…

    Apoc World Furiosa Variant

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