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    Gaslands Overlord

    When I created this website and decided to run an open beta for Gaslands, I didn’t know what to expect. 327 beta testers later and I could not be more delighted at the generosity and enthusiasm of the wargaming community to want to help shape and improve this game.

    The final stage of the game’s development is coming to an end, and I’m soon to send over the finish manuscript to Osprey. For this reason, I’m going to have to close down the beta programme for now, and take down the download links.

    Rest assured, there will be MORE GASLANDS after we launch, as we have a ton of new stuff that didn’t fit into the rulebook that we want to beta test and make available to support the game after we launch.

    The download links for the beta will be remove on June 19th, 2017 – so grab them quick!

    Thanks again,

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