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    Fritz Loneaux

    Let’s face it. I’m gonna’ want a War Rig and I’m gonna’ want to play a War Rig. A lot of easily sourced “1/64th” options are woefully under-scale, and I was wondering if anyone has recommendations to good in-scale trucks for this. I’m not opposed to scratch-building a trailer, and I’m already planning to measure from the front to back of the cab only for maneuver templates, so anything you folks can think of would be helpful.

    This also extends to full capacity school and commuter busses, as well as box trucks/vans. A preemptive thank-you for any of your recommendations.



    My War-rig I used was under-scale, so I hacked the cab off, and replaced it with something that fit the scale. You could try that.

    Otherwise, I don’t know what company to buy in scale war-rigs from…


    Fritz Loneaux

    I don’t trust my kit bashing or scratch build abilities to try something so ambitious, but I appreciate the insight. Anyone else have any luck? I’ll ask around the Facebook group, too.


    Darren Hardy

    Word Forge do a war rig for their devils run game


    Gaslands Overlord

    Mine is build from bits of a 40k Ork truck, some regular truck chassis and some slightly undersized trailers bulked out:

    My friend Glenn used a simpler method:


    Fritz Loneaux

    Those are phenomenal, Darren and Mike! I also crowd-sourced some ideas from the Facebook group and found other great recommendations as well. I finally settled on a Hot Wheels car transport as a starting point, along with some other pieces I’m excited to work on.

    The length of the chassis is about twice that of a car, and the cab is skeletonized which will make expanding it much easier for me.



    I managed to score a bit lot of Jada Battlemachines (10 vehicles for $50 US) and it included two tractors. Unfortunately, the cars are way to big against my matchbox/ hotwheels fleet (they’re about 50% bigger than most hotwheels cars) but the tractor is small vs. the other Jada cars, so it looks great next to the hotwheels cars.

    They aren’t that easy to find, but on ebay they’re also not too outrageous. These are what I’m talking about (see the battle rig)

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