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Topic: Attack Step order, expending ammo.

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    Just want to clarify something.

    In the attack step you assign crew and targets before checking line of sight and range.

    This obviously means that (a bit like when choosing your move template), you can assign a target that is out of range and waste one of your attacks.

    My question is this:

    Attack Steps 2.2 and 2.3 – I assign a crew member to a Flamer and declare a target
    Attack Step 2.4 I check range and the target is juusst out of range.

    I can’t hit, so I don’t roll D6s for damage, but do I expend an Ammo? I’ve declared the target and the attack, after all?

    So far we’ve been playing it that you effectively waste a flame canister, you chose the target and the weapon, its just that it fell short, like, you ignite the flamer, your crew member sees the huge burst of fire, but it doesn’t reach the target.
    This feels like it’s inline with the movement mechanic that once you’ve chosen a template you can’t change your mind, but…

    Ultimately, at what point in the attack steps should you expend the ammo?

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    Nice question!

    Check p26:

    Players may measure shooting ranges before declaring targets.”

    Rules of Ammo are:

    “Before making an attack with this weapon, this vehicle must discard an ammo token from this weapon. If the vehicle cannot discard an ammo token, this weapon may not be fired.”

    Attack Step Timing is:

    2.1 Check if you are distracted
    2.2 Assign crewmembers to weapons
    2.3 Declare targets
    2.4 Check range, line of sight and cover
    2.5 Roll to attack (4+ is a hit, 6 is a critical hit)
    2.6 Defender rolls to evade (roll number of evade dice equal to current gear, 6+ to cancel a hit) 2.7 Remove hull points

    My official answer (and I’ll add this to the FAQ) is that step 2.5 should read “Discard an ammo token to roll to attack” in the case of weapons with the AMMO special rule.

    This means you aren’t penalised for not remembering to pre-measure before starting the Attack Step, which is both harsh and a bit rules laywer-y.


    Gaslands Overlord

    FAQ updated!



    Cheers for the response.

    Looks like we’ve been too hard on ourselves thus far šŸ™‚

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