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    I’m going to be integrating this into a larger d20 rpg game ( These car rules are way better then most). It’s likely we’ll need to have people on the table. I’m thinking I’ll just have a gear zero phase and a very tiny movement template.

    Anyone else have rules they’ve home brewed? Or other suggestions?


    Xavier Durand

    I was thinking the same thing. Also, the possibility for crew members to jump to another vehicles, attack, and succeed in taking control or going wipeout.
    It would add more strategy possibilities, and look more Mad Max.
    I was looking into axles and alloys rules for this.



    What I have used, for a starting point:

    Each crew member starts with 3 hit points. Crew potentially take damage when the car takes a critical hit, the car flips, or they exit in a gear higher than 1. For each critical hit or gear, roll 1d6, the crew member takes damage on a 6. Roll one die for each crew member for a flip. Getting caught in an explosion on foot (or being in a car when it explodes) is death, getting run over is death.

    A crew member reduced to 0 hit points is dead and crossed off the sheet. Remaining crew shift around as necessary, so if the driver is killed someone else takes over [this is for simplicity]. Vehicle with no remaining crew takes a Short move forward and gets an Abandoned marker. It’s an obstacle that remains until someone ruins it or a pedestrian climbs in.

    Crew can exit the vehicle at any time, see above for consequences of exiting at high velocity. Crew are NOT required to exit a wreck, but it’s in their best interest to do so – if the wreck is removed, so is anyone inside the wreck (this includes the initial potential explosion), and the wreck provides no protection (all hits are potential crew damage, not just critical hits).

    Pedestrian rules – crew on foot are considered to be in 2nd gear at all times (for movement purposes), have no facing (any valid template can be placed anywhere around the pedestrian marker), and roll no Skid Dice. Pedestrians should either escape off the board, take control of an empty vehicle (either pre-placed scenery or a car where all the crew were shot out), or get picked up by a friendly car lacking a crew member. Can still shoot handguns as normal.

    Crew-related Upgrades – body armor (1 can), adds 1 hit point. One time purchase per crew member. First Aid Kit (1 can), takes up no space. Must be assigned a crew member, just like a weapon, and the crew member using the FAK cannot also fire a weapon that phase. If used, FAK will restore 1 hit point to any crew member.

    I haven’t done anything with boarding enemy vehicles yet – this is mainly for naming your vehicle’s crew and keeping them around from game to game. I’m working with the Interstate ’76 setting, so the drivers all have CB handles and occasionally need to capture an objective on foot.

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